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Minions Despicable me 3 Rush Gameplay (Gertit ToysReview)

A street girl dies and reincarnates as a vengeful black bird that is set on wreaking havoc and devastation on the frivolous rich fools that populate the world. You are that black bird, have fun blowing up everything.

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Each stage is like a piece of art unto itself, bringing to mind some of the greater titles from the vintage arcade era of shoot-em-ups. We live in a world where we are spoiled for choice on Picross games. And yet, for many, the hunger never ceases. Picross and handhelds go very well together, and this is my pick of the lot on Switch. Inti Creates has a number of side-scrolling action games available on the Switch, but I think Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is the best of the bunch.

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And yes, at its core, this is a NES-style Castlevania game with the serial numbers filed off. It also offers phenomenal replayability, with a bunch of endings that require you to play the game in very different ways to unlock. Very solid all-around, and it gives me a lot of hope for the eventual release of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. There are multiple modes and the game is just filled with stuff to do, but what it comes down to is a really nice core that keeps you coming back. You cook dishes by playing a match-3 game, but the blocks you use to make matches actually come from the ingredients in your pantry.

And where do you get those ingredients? Why, you go outside and beat the heck out of monsters and animals to harvest them, of course. Indie Metroidvania games are all the rage these days, but Elliot Quest came out a few years ahead of the time when so many exploratory platformers became available.

It also pays equal or greater homage to Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link as it does to anything from the Metroid series, and that makes for a very different sort of game from what you usually see in recent times. It has more cars than any car magazine I ever read or subscribed to and I'm a car nut. Very nice job!

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Thanks you guys for your great support and listening to your customers opinions. Keep up the good work!

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CarBuzz is a new and exciting application that provides car enthusiasts with all of the latest news and information from the automotive industry. Why CarBuzz? CarBuzz is updated every day, without exceptions. Our journalists and bloggers are hard at work, providing you with numerous and varied rumors, news and information on a daily basis. Is CarBuzz integrated with social networking? Leave comments for any text via your Facebook account. Argue the pros and cons of any car model with other CarBuzz readers and even send interesting articles to your friends. All of these great social features are available or will become available in the very near future.

Yes, but how many cars are covered in CarBuzz? We cover just about every manufacturer and model on the market. Here is just a small taste: Your feedback is very much appreciated. Bug Fixes. Will not rotate to landscape mode.

So much effort on change for change sake and forgetting the basics. Cannot go back either. Bye bye CarBuzz. However, the app is really sticky or something when scrolling It might be the adds or perhaps the photos are too high resolution they do look nice for my older iPad Air. Another update: It seems to freeze while loading the nice pictures or ads as mentioned above. Scrolling is painfull. Something needs to change and improve fast. There are other car news apps out there. I'm never going to buy a car for that much. It's getting to the point where none of the news is actually informative to a buyer, only dreamers.

Most new cars from have 3 photos. Pathetic upkeep of the app. Who cares about Bentley? They are ugly cars that none buys! Hi there.

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We have just finished a range of new updates for the app that includes new and improved articles, buyer's guide and removing all popup ads. Please head to the App Store and download it now. Let us know what you think and give us a new rating! Look I really enjoy the content they provide. But Car Buzz keeps adding more and more Ads.

It is getting hard to see the content through the forest of Ads. There are ads scattered throughout the article headers.