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[Full Solutions] How to Fix iOS 11/iOS 12 Update Frozen on iPhone/iPad

At the end of the support article, there is a link to contact Apple for help if nothing else works for you. You may want to consider giving that a try. Jun 22, 4: Still not updating, tried all fixes on this forum and various sites. Will be going into an Apple store to see if I can sort the problem out.

Very disappointing that the iPad was working fine until I plugged it into power and it commenced it's update. I guess it doesn't always just work like Tim Cook says! Just to clarify the issue, iTunes detects the iPad and says it needs to update or restore. Then the apple log comes up on the screen and the long loading line underneath.

Then iTunes stops and I get the unknown error 9 message. Jun 22, 6: I understand that this is very frustrating and disappointing for you.

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I hope that the Apple Store is able to help you get the iPad working again. Jul 21, 9: I am having precisely the same issues! It is your best iOS system recover tool that can fix a disabled or frozen iPad, iPhone and iPod without data loss. There is no need to erase iPad contents and then restore from iTunes to get out of iPad update stuck on verifying or Apple logo. You just need to tap few clicks and then you can get a "new" iPad, which has been updated to the latest iOS version safely. Whether your iPhone stuck on Apple logo , restart loop , update, DFU mode, recovery mode, or iPad froze on Apple logo , you can rely on it to get out of trouble.

Download and install the iPad update stuck fixing app on your Windows or Mac computer. Read following items before fixing iPad stuck on update screen. Click "Start" button in the lower right corner. Put your iPad into recovery mode according to the on-screen guide. Confirm your iPad information and choose which iOS version you want to update. Hit "Repair" button to download firmware package and repair iPad from abnormal back to normal state. After that, you can exit iPad update stuck on downloading, update and connect with iTunes.

Therefore, if you are looking for a time-saving and data-protecting system recovery tool, then Apeaksoft iOS System Recovery is your first and best choice.

Hope you can fix iPad to normal state during or after an iOS update quickly. All rights reserved. And it is stuck on verifying update screen now. Part 1: App contents get stuck during an update on iPad iPad jailbreak stuck iPad overheating Poor Wi-Fi connection and cellular data issues iPad won't be updated with software update failure You can check above items when your iPad stuck on update bar or other downloading problems. Part 2. Make sure your iPad has sufficient power. Hammer hammersmith. My fix for Error 9 on an iPhone X Feb 26, was much simpler. Initially, I had the phone connected to my desktop with a 3rd party USB cable.

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I swapped out the cable using the Apple cable that was included with the new phone, and POW! Problem solved! Leila Lainio. It was a logic board problem on my iPad 2. Had nothing to do with cables, security software etc. But the logic board had gone bad. After I changed the logic board it works like a charm. Well obviously it would work like a charm if you changed the logic board. You basically bought a new iPad! Exact same USB cable original from Apple , but used the port on the right hand side instead of the left - and it solved my problem.

I just replaced the screen on my SE. I dislike the bullsh! I wasn't going Rocco Sifredi with the headphone plug do not google that name at work. At the end of my tether trying to fix a six with this problem I thought, "Sounds stupid, but then so am I and I work OK! Each time the progress bar looked like it stalled I inserted the headphone jack, left it for a couple of seconds then removed it 3 times in all I think and each time the bar then continued its progress!

I couldn't Adam and Eve it! Thanks again! Walter Stanz. I have or better I had the same problem as all of you, how to update from iOS 4. I tried with the normal way and bricked the iPad. I unblocked it with reboot quite a few times as I tried different things. LarryD malie. I posted a couple replies on here because I keep running into some problems. The Reiboot worked fine without a hitch. I wanted to see if I could update from the old firmware. As of today it is v6. The first time I ran it I forgot to download the beta firmware. I did it at the end of the process and it still worked fine.

End the final steps was prompted to restore the ipad2 and I chose not to. I then had problems getting the Ipad to sync up. I tried every trick in the book and ended up creating more problems. So I started the whole process again. Of course V6. I just downloaded the beta firmware at the start. Everything ran as they described and when it prompted me to restore my pad I selected yes keep in mind I tried to restore after the first try and that did not solve the sync issue.

When it was finished. I selected my ipad in iTunes and everything synced up. I love it. Too all of you who did the research and figured out this fixes we all owe you and apple owes you.

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  3. [Full Solutions] How to Fix iOS 11/12 Update Frozen on iPhone/iPad!

You guys are the best. Sam Cox sammco. Upgraded iPad2 from iOS 4. Enjoyed Barry's posts and spent a couple hours on the Chinese fix, but didn't push the right buttons -- it's in Chinese! This iPad had the error 9's and was stuck in Connect to iTunes screen, but used Walter Stanz post re: Anyway it worked. Did not have to unbrick using reiboot or recboot or reboot or any of those. Did not have to start in DFU mode. Fix was relatively quick and painless once I got it sussed.

I rarely post anything, but after spending several hours on this one, I thought it might help someone to say that it can be done!!! I had an Iphone 6 that was stuck on the connect to itunes after a tried to upgrade to 9.

Stuck in recovery loop after attempted update.

I found the reason is because the fingerprint scanner was bad.. Yes not easy to use All of the downloads are saying they are windows programs for me and I cannot use as I am on a mac. Got iPhone 6 i4. Error 9 on iTunes. Tried restore without screen, without back cam as well.

Dfu mode also nothing works. Any advice? Matt Logan. All else has failed and you're feeling screwed, watch this video: Unscrew square-ish metal piece at the top right to get at the connections to the screen, back camera and volume buttons. Unscrew the long rectangle-ish metal piece next to the bottom right corner of the battery to get to the battery connection and lightning connector.

I found this out from a response on this thread or another site, they said "just wait for it to complete". Michael Pierce michaelpierce. Visit here: I first had this problem on my iPad Air first generation 2 years ago. Went to Apple Store. They told me it's a hardware issue and offered to trade in for a refurbished device for which I had to pay a couple of hundred dollars. Being a geek that I am, I refused to believe that because I know Apple products don't spoil after a year.

So I spent many, many hours doing the restores etc and finally using Reiboot I got it working!

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This time I tried everything I did before but no luck. I forgot about it. Just today 6mths later , I thought about giving it a try. I spent 30mins and I came to this website where for the first time I read that USB cables could be a culprit. So I swapped the cable to an iPhone cable. Now I can see the progress with different errors this time but still I wasn't able to restore and the progress bar wasn't moving.

In the past, once I see the progress bar, the iPad reboots. Lo and Behold!!! It Worked!!! Jose advancedark. Incase it may cut the trial and errors try this as-well, something similar has happened to me before when it comes to disrupted connections with like external drives or Bluetooth so what i did since i had done it once before and it worked with other devices if you are plugging it to the front usb ports that are probably wired which is a key thing and probably an older version then you should try plugging it in to the back to the integrated usb ports that are integrated directly onto the motherboard and whhaaa laaa, on the first run it started restoring its already past half ways, for anyone else that has looked this up and has run into the same thing Tarlan Isaev organicnz.

Facing the same error 9 on iPhone 5S it's appeared after a display shown some artifacts then started rebooting at Apple's logo. I've already disconnected cameras and display form the mainboard to avoid any possible causes by other pieces of hardware however didn't help so far. Maybe someone had the same issue lately as it looks like a hardware issue, but I don't know where to start.

Ah yeah, that's a common "YouTube mechanic" mistake where someone has put back the wrong sized screws into the wrong holes on the screen connector's metal brace, essentially drilling a small hole into the circuit board and breaking the data lines. Unfortunately it's beyond repair, the main board must be replaced, and no amount of restore or any other trick will fix it don't waste your time!

Next time don't let "YouTube mechanics" touch your phone ever again!! Yeah, with now proper instruments I can't fix it, but give it to a shop to repair doesn't worth of it lol: Thank you: Your best option is buy a "cheap" used main board and replace your damaged one. Look on the bright side, lesson learned. If you're not getting the blue screen and only fine vertical lines on the screen, it might be worth replacing the screen just to eliminate that possibility.

However, the "blue screen of death" is almost certainly a sign of a damaged main board. January 4 by billa. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Apple iPad Comprehensive repair manuals on all portable tablet computers by Apple. Kam Rep: View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers.

Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score Do not click ok or more information when u get the error, just wait for few minutes The ipad wil continue to restore by itself. Mine got restored, try it. Ever fixed something?