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XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Are you a developer? Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb. Lijop OP Sep 0: Thanks Meter: By Lijop , Senior Member on 6th September , Thread Deleted Email Thread. Join Date: Afterwards log into your Gmail account again, finish the setup and your Wi-Fi should now be working correctly again. After going through these suggestions your cell phones Wi-Fi should be up and running properly again.

Thank you for your fast and kind answer: I hope to fix my old phone: D You are a very good person because you are smart and you help people fix these types of problems: God bless you.

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Hi, thanks for your wonderful and so helpful guide. I'm having all sorts of problems with my phone, it's a one touch pop C9 and it has all previous problems and more. Sometimes it will connect to my wifi but when it goes to suspension the connection gets lost. I have the authentication error, even after it has connected successfully. One funny thing I'm also experiencing is that the phone detects my wifi signal at full strength but when trying to connect, it goes to the lowest possible and then I get the authentication error. I reset my router, cleared its history of connected devices, and other fixes but still experience trouble.

I don't have trouble with other devices, just this one so far. Thanks much in advance. I wish you and your phone the best of luck and I hope that when you get it back that the phone works the same or even better than it did before. Thank you! I also used Address Reservation and all went all right. Switching from dhcp to static worked like magic!

I was relying on my mobile network for 3 months as my WiFi wouldn't work on my phone. Thanks for sharing! I have a Sony Xperia Z I face this problem only with my office WiFi.. But it can connect to my home WiFi without any problem..

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Just installed Comcast's Gateway 1 after they harangued me about it for a few months. It will call out but there is no ringing, no sound. The phone at the other end will ring, but again, nothing can be heard. Very odd. Poking around the router admin section, I see an option to use Static IP that's the only "option" I see for the phone.

What do you think? How can I say this. My wifi connection is only half connected? Because the wifi icon stays gray and wont change its color to blue. I cant receive any notifications or that sound when it receives messages etc. Any help will be much appreciated, thank you. Hi all, I got a new phone and it says connected to wifi but I am not able to access the internet. I tried a factory reset too but no luck. Please help me.. Since your phone is successfully connecting to the network but just not receiving an internet connection it sounds like it might not be the phone but the network itself.

Afterwards check the connection and see if your internet is working or not. In short, its just the android devices that is facing this problem because my laptop and my dads Microsoft Lumia connects works very fine But we have to forget the network and try again sometimes times, restart the cell and everything.. If we go out and come back home again we have to just sit and do this so that our phones gets connected to the Wi-fi.

Wi-Fi Won’t Turn on (Android /Samsung) – How To Fix It

It is irritating and so much trouble to connect every time. That does sound frustrating and extremely irritating. It sounds like your Wi-Fi network might just need a little configuring so that it will play nice with your Android devices as well. I have a Blu Sport 4. I can connect to other wifi hot spots, but not to my home router. My phone says it is connected, the guest wifi, and says it is secured as well, but on my phone it says there is no security.

I figured it has something to do with my router since my phone works on other wifi's just fine. But here is the kicker, other devices work on my router just fine. I have windows 7 on my computer, and my phone uses the latest kit kat android operating system.

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What should I do? I agree with you. At this point you should try to troubleshoot your home wireless network and if you cannot get your phone to connect properly after following those suggestions you may need to contact your home internet service provider ISP. Your ISP should be able to walk you through the re-configuration process and hopefully help to get your home network to communicate with your phone properly. It worked perfectly until about two months ago. It no longer finds any networks after I click Scan and when I carefully and repeatedly add my existing network with password , it still does not connect.

I have multiple wireless devices connected to my home network and have tried taking some off and connecting my phone. I have restarted my modem and tried I think everything suggested on your website. I have tried the factory reset twice , but am still unable to find a network or connect to a network.

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I have not yet restored the data that I backed up before I reset it. I do not know how to update the phone software without a wi-fi connection. I have no data plan with my service provider as I have always managed to use wi-fi. I have a data cord and am able to connect it to my computer. Can I update the software through my computer? The Samsung phone is less than 2 years old, has been well cared for unlike the old LG , kept in a hard shell protective case and never been dropped or banged.

The main reason for purchasing it was for a better quality camera and to connect to the internet conveniently when I travel. Before I spend money on a new phone, I want to know if this phone is really toast. Somewhere on your website, you indicated that there could be a problem with the antenna. Is this something I could fix on my own? Any additional information you could give would be much appreciated.

I have never taken apart a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 before but I bet that you could fix or replace that part of your phone yourself with a bit of online research. As far as applying an update, yeah you can do that through a computer as long as your PC has an internet connection and you have the USB data cord to connect your phone to the computer which you said you did.

Just download the Samsung Kies program from Samsungs website and it should walk you through the update process with step by step instructions. I hope that helps Jude. Thank you for your thought out and well written comment and if there is anything else that I can try and help you with just let me know. Thank-you James for your response and all of the useful information posted on your site, much appreciated. I am Adwait. I have read your suggestions about my problem and have followed it perfectly but my phone still connects to wifi but it wont connect to the internet.

I don't understand why. Please help me. Thanks in advance. From your brief description it sounds like an issue with your network as opposed to your phone. Does your phone have any problem connecting to and then using the internet from any other Wi-Fi networks? Hi I have a moto g 2nd gen which is quite a good phone and the problem isn't in that Recently my mom bought a new dying xperia E3.

Now the problem starts here.. The first time I tried to connect it didn't connect and kept saying obtaining IP address. Then I visited this site, read the post on Wi-Fi and downloaded wifix which worked fine for 1 day then it stopped. After that it connects but has no internet. And yes it works on my moto g fine. And yes this Wi-Fi network is created by my laptop after installing a third party hotspot application. It's great cause I don't want to change my modem now. This app is again meant to initiate a prank and should not be used as a hacking tool.

The app works only within 63 Vietnam provinces and is therefore useful to the local community. It does have powerful features and is definitely a better upgrade than the earlier version.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830, Gingerbread 2.3.x) over Internet or Wi-Fi. New 2013!

The new WiFi app is another pretender that claims to break passwords in nearby networks allowing hackers to gain access. The app is just to pull a gag on friends. This is how it is used. The android phone with the app installed must be near a private network, WiFi tethering, or hotspot area. The tool is launched and begins to detect wireless networks. Select the ID that is required. The tool analyses the ID and displays the breaking process finally coming up with a fake password. Developers are clearly indicated the tool is meant for fun and does not really hack into WiFi passwords.

The security-free tool will generate free WiFi password keys. It then pretends to hack into a set your WiFi network imitating the coding process normally initialized by programmers.

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When the app is loaded, a list of WiFi networks appears. Android users have the choice to select a particular network, and the WiFi password hacker app for Android works in the background to generate a free WiFi pass.

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  5. The simulation is meant to be a randomly-generated exercise with fake passwords. It is now possible to impress friends by breaking through the difference is for WiFi network and producing passwords that look authentic footer actually fake animations. The process is very professional where users are allowed to choose between WEP, WEP2 and other encryptions before launching the app.

    WiFi password hacker Android is basically launched in the marketplace as hacking-joke software. The prank is especially effective when done in front of neighbors. It is best to keep them informed. It basically memorizes the password and does not claim to hack into the system produce crap WiFi passwords for any network. The developers have launched a pro version without ads that basically perform the same functions. The developers call it a game that simulates an anonymous operating system and produces hacking codes with funny names like Cracker, Toolbar, and Decypher added to the system.

    The active developer team is known to offer weekly automatic updates creating more and better simulations. Similar to other WiFi hacking devices, the simulator produces fake passwords within a highly professional manner actually displaying WiFi network IDs and then generating passwords for any of the listed IDs. The Wifi password hacker app for Android was released in but has generated enough goodwill is a fun tool meant to pull pranks. The app has received a healthy dose of positive feedback rated among the best prank tools in as well.

    Top 12 Apps to Hack WiFi Passwords on Android

    The application connects with nearby networks. Users can click on any available network and run the app just like a programmer.