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Disabling Frequent Locations will help save some battery life, but Notification Center will no longer be able to give you estimated travel times for your job or other frequently-visited locations. Bluetooth Bluetooth is generally used for sending audio to Bluetooth speakers, headphones, or car audio systems.

It should be turned off unless it is being used.

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Wi-Fi Turn off Wi-Fi in situations where you are not using it. For example, when you are walking around in an urban area, your phone is recognizing each wireless network that is in range.

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If you turn off Wi-Fi in these situations using Control Center, you will save some battery power. Multitasking Apps running in the background can affect battery life. To quit them, double-click on the home button and use a swipe-up gesture quit each app. You can do this to all the apps that are currently running, since you can always open the app again if you need it.

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Email Accounts: Push and Fetch If you have any Mail accounts set to receive Push email, your phone is constantly checking for new messages from the server, which uses up power. Changing this setting to off will save power, especially if you have several email accounts.

iOS 5 Battery Drain: Save Some Juice With These Top Tips [iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch]

However, you will need to manually open the Mail app to get any new emails. With this setting, your phone will connect to the server and check for new mail only a few times once every 15 minutes at most. This decrease in network activity can help mitigate battery drain while still delivering your email automatically.

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  • Use IFTTT for More Options.

Background App Refresh This feature allows apps running in the background to refresh their content automatically. Each time an app wakes up in the background to access the network, it uses battery power. When prompted, tap Disable Background App Refresh. As with most other settings, disabling Background App Refresh can impact certain features that you rely on. To avoid disabling system features you enjoy, you can toggle the feature for individual applications just like Location Services.

If you live in an area where your carrier does not offer 4G service, turning this feature off will not make any difference in your cellular data speed. Either way, if you turn it off you will save some battery power.

Location-based Alerts for Android

Music and the Equalizer When you use the speaker on the iOS device to play audio, it uses a great deal of power. When you play music using earbuds , much less power is used. Enabling the equalizer uses much more power than the default setting. One of the main reasons I mention gaming is not to recommend against it, but to make sure that if you are gaming you consider using earbuds. Third-party Apps Certain apps can use an unreasonable amount of processing power and cause problems.

Posted on Oct 14, 1: Page content loaded. Oct 14, 1: How else would the location reminder work if not on when leaving a designated location or when arriving at a designated location? Oct 18, God forbid we set reminders that are foir a few days in advance How would the iPhone know to enable GPS - on the day of?

And what if you were at the particular location a day early? If location services for this were not on when doing so, please advise us or namely Apple how that is supposed to be done since you are such an accomplished mobile design and software engineer. All I am saying is that maybe Apple should have thought about the battery consumption or limited reminders with "GPS" use to certain peramiters, thats all.

I am sure many people love the reminders, but for me to be able to use it, I cannot use the Geofence or GPS functions, battery consumption is way to high. Oct 20, 7: First off, they only seem to work if the reminder is an ICloud reminder, as for some reason my Yahoo reminders do not work. True, you need to continuously poll the location to see if you have entered or left the geofence area, but there are a couple way this might be improved. For instance, if I am currently an hour away from work, why poll any more frequently than say 55 minutes?

The next time the polling is done, if my location is closer to the geofence, estimate how long to get there and start polling more frequently once I get close. My navigation program can give me an estimated time of arrival, why not use the same technique here. Another optimization may be to use a compound condition. If I say remind me to call my wife when I leave work tomorrow, there is no reason to begin checking my location until tomorrow comes. Location based reminders are certainly useful, and pretty slick, but to just throw up your hands and say the very real battery drain is inevitable, is missing the point.

Location based reminders disappear?

There is no doubt battery drain makes this feature much less desirable. At the extreme, if my battery dies, how then do I get my reminder under any circumstance? Oct 20, 8: There's no one forcing you to use location reminders. If they arent worth charging your phone for, dont use them, or take the deliberate steps to manually turn them on and off It's all up to you.

Tip of the Day: How to Set Up and Use Location-Based Reminders

I'm all for asking for service enhancements or complaining when something stupid is done but here I think giving you too many options on programming would lead to too many mistakes amongst the millions untriggered reminders , especially for a new feature.

To jandrewg, you could always create your own compound condition I'm sure these features will get better with time. I, for one, am looking forward to saying siri, turn on my location services and having it be done that easily. Has nothing to do with what type of reminder - stored locally on the iPhone, or synced over the air with an iCloud account.

I am still trying to figure this out. I saw something on a related post that when using iCloud Apple has some way to more efficiently monitor location based on what they did with the find My iPhone feature, something about using both GPS and cell tower data. Agreed, although they are not perfect by any means and no company ever is , Apple is better than most about finding the right balance between easy of use, and deep feeature options.

And then following up in later releases with targeted adjustments.

Oct 20, 9: