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One thing you might have noticed while looking at the examples of cinematic and storytelling sites is how some are straying from the traditional top navigation bar. User-experience is shifting from a clear hierarchical navigation to a rich user experience with the use of full-screen photographs, videos, interactive elements and animation. Website navigations usually consist of links set in a menu bar with the viewer clicking through, and scrolling down each page.

Mobile Website Design Inspiration YES Mobile Website Design Inspiration

Now, we are seeing very sophisticated navigations — main menus are being reduced, sometimes disappearing completely or sliding behind screen edges. Bagigia is an interesting example of a product site that gives viewers a unique experience by making it feel like they are getting to play, flip and rotate the hand bag. The viewer can navigate via the zipper graphic or on the right side of the site. BOND uses a fascinating concept of navigating through time starting from seems a bit storytelling to me. When there is really no story to tell, some websites choose to imitate camera movement with parallax effect.

Parallax creates an illusion of depth by making elements layers of a web page move at different speeds as viewers scroll.

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Simulating this visual effect on a monitor screen provides for an engaging user experience. This effect has been known for some time, but is being used more and more in web designs. Spotify — an awesome music site that allows you to build your own playlists — uses parallax effect as the viewer scrolls down the page. Swiss design style, or the International Typographic Style , has been inspiring designers since the s. Swiss design style features typography as the primary design element, and favors sans-serif typefaces, grids and asymmetrical layouts.

Fathers of this style focused on simplicity, legibility and objectivity. Recently, this style has shined in a new light with Windows 8 interface release.

50 Awesome and Inspiring Responsive Website Designs from 2014

This idea of using grids and grid-based typography is gaining even more attention. Will we be seeing more and more designs created for touch screen? Buffalo also does a great job at demonstrating this idea of grid-based, white space, flat colors and big letters. They also show how a hexagon grid is possible. This certainly changes design workflow and brings new, exciting challenges for all web designers. Take a look at these resources to get an idea of the things to come:.

Designers, check out these contests so you can start building your career. Get a design. Nike Signs of the times in Last year was important, perhaps even a turning point, for web designers. A few key points of interest in were: As soon as browsers started to support CSS3 properties for box-shadow and text-shadow, their proliferation exploded.

Elaborate designs replicated all sorts of life-inspired environments from paper pads to roulette tables. All this changed in , however. Even Apple , famous for its skeuomorphism -inspired app designs, eschewed the physical metaphor in favour of a digital approach to design, adopting simple flat colours and clean interfaces to iOS 7. Static headers remain on screen as the user scrolls down a website, providing persistent navigation and access to the search field, while retaining the branding in clear sight at all times.

30 Recent Inspirational UI Examples in Mobile Device Screens

This particular trend has come about largely because designers can finally use position: Why now? Simply because Internet Explorer has finally moved on, with the user base for IE6 at an almost insignificant percentage of market share. You can almost hear a sigh of relief! Parallax, for the uninitiated, is the effect you see when looking out a moving vehicle: Used as a method to suggest a sense of depth and pseudo-3D, parallax moves different element planes at different speeds according to how close to the viewpoint those elements are supposed to appear.

This approach to website navigation rejects the notion of separate pages for different bits of content, preferring to stack them vertically and consequently avoiding the need for a page load or refresh to access content. This trend has developed in direct response to the changing hardware market. With the launch of the Retina display for iPhone , it was inevitable that other devices would follow suit, and increasingly products are shipping with HiDPI displays capable of showing more than pixels per inch.

Less is more! Minimalism is taking over the web world. Nobody wants to look at pages, overcrowded with graphics, photographs, texts and random flying objects Geocities anyone? A cleaner page is easier to navigate and understand. Designers are fast taking up the minimalistic approach to improve the quality of their site and its usability. The designers need to get down to the bare essential elements of their website to get the perfect minimalist approach. Less words or pictures is the rule! A good eye for image placements, spacing and proportion becomes crucial here.

Smart typeface choice and minimal text can do wonders when placed in white space. Use a grid to place the photographs and text to enhance the effect. Flat design is shorthand for a design philosophy that strives for simplicity, clarity, and honesty of materials in user interfaces. The flat design trend has risen up over and will continue to blossom in Many designers have taken up the task of becoming entertaining storytellers to engage their users. Designers use various elements to tell their brand story through a combination of words, illustrations, typography, videos, photographs, color, mascots, icons and symbols — often animating them in and out of place as seen on the Tinke site.

Words have always been the simplest way to tell a story. The right words will make great content and in turn, will form a great story. Sentences should be concise and to the point. Visuals can be more effective sometimes though, as a single image can say much about your brand. To go even further, we can animate parts of the page to enact the story of the brand such as on the Dangers of Fracking site below. Simple, focused content along with supporting design elements help make a rich branded experience for the user.

Intrinsic Web Design: I will definitely refer back to this. I completely agree. What a great list. I learned so much about the current trends of graphic design. I really like the examples that you used to demonstrate the points. Thanks for a great article. I will refer back to this. Great list. User expectations are much more mature now.

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In the end, performance is design! I like it! If you are looking for a great website building software tool then you should grab your free copy of this one here. You can make an unlimited amount of websites with this and it is simple to use.

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  6. Use of the Info graphics is also increasing in newly designed websites in , I am regularly observing this fact in most of the coming websites. Jacob Cass of JustCreative sums up 7 trends to be on the look out for in Number 3 being BIG and Bold is definitely in for , and our favourite. Another great post guys. While we have a lot of control over layout, positioning, size and even colours among any screen size we do have to stay with-in some design boundaries due to the way things re-arrange.

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    I think until we see an alternative to mobile-first web design or even a whole new way of approaching things, minimalistic web design is here to stay. With the availability of real fonts trough services like Typekit this trend has accelerated a lot. What designers are usually going for are either really thin or really bold fonts. Hi, I would like to share with you: We proudly launched the new website for Mordillo. Hope its worth mentioning on your fantastic blog Mordillo is a creator of cartoons and animations and was one of the most widely published cartoonists of the s.

    This website shows the Universe of Mordillo featuring many animations and a nice parallax effect. Its a website for the fans all over the world.