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Do you have a recording of it, please, or could you perhaps point me to a place where I might download it? Mine has a 2nd grade education!

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Does anyone have suggestions on how to install this ringtone on a prepaid cell phone? Hello David English, I found your sites after searching for vintage ringtones. This is an awesome collection. I would absolutely love if you would classify each ringtone so we could know what phone model is responsible for the ringtone.

Ringtone Blackberry Old Phone

I went through all of them above, ringtone 48 seems to be the closest, but I am not absolutely certain, what do you think? Ole Alstrup. Or maybe it is ringtone 11, they are similar, but I am not sure if either one is the one I am looking for…. What a great site, found all the ringtone I was looking for, highly recommended. Many of the older phones do not support adding or loading ringtones.

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It depends on the model. Best to check the documentation that came with phone. Any chance you could do a couple of those?

Hey Ontoward, I found this! Is this what you meant? Ontoward, BTW the only thing that worked was to send it to your phone, then open the MP3 and save it to your phone.

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Great set of ringtomes. Saved as the ringtone on my Q10 — a poke in the eye at modernism! I would connect my phone to my computer. Then I would drag and drop the MP3 file to the Ringtones directory on my phone. That directory shows up under an Internal Storage heading on my connected phone. You must be logged in to post a comment. Skip to content.

November 15, at 1: To get started, click on the Profiles icon on the BlackBerry icon screen and again hit Advanced. Next, a list of options appears, from which you should choose "Add Name" and then pick the appropriate contacts from the dropdown list. You can choose more than one name.

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After specifying the contacts that you want included as part of the exception, highlight the "Use Profile" field and pick the profile you want applied those contacts. So if you want to receive calls from your significant other and child while the Vibrate profile is set, you should choose both of those names in the Add Name field and then set Use Profile to "Normal" or "Loud.

If you have multiple profile exceptions that include the same contacts, you may need to deactivate one or all of the others for new exceptions to take effect. To delete a profile exception, simply click the Profiles icon on your BlackBerry icon screen, scroll all the way down, hit Advanced and then navigate down to your list of exceptions.

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Select the exception you wish to get rid of, hit the BlackBerry Menu key, choose "Delete," and confirm that deletion in the next dialogue box. Former CIO. Al also managed CIO. Al resides in Boston and is a passionate reader, traveler, beer lover and Red Sox fan. Current Job Listings. Related Articles BlackBerry Bible: Know Who's Calling: Assign Specific Ringtones to Individuals One of the most basic BlackBerry phone customization options available to users can also prove to be the most valuable. Master Your Smartphone Call Notifications: Create New BlackBerry Profiles RIM BlackBerry profiles allow you to customize the alerts you get when calls come in, new messages arrive and applications notifications are received.

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Steele Lurker. Mar 18, 1 0 5. Thanks, glad to get the old BB notification tones. Steele , Mar 18, DonniBoi Lurker. Apr 3, 1 0 5. I don't have internet on my desktop. Is there a way to download this to my phone and transfer it to my desktop? When I try to download it I get a message saying its not a file type that can opened on this device.

Redflea Android Expert. Oct 6, 2, SLR likes this. Jan 28, 1, Where Diamond Head Stay. This is a bit off-topic, but if you're a former BB user you'll want to get either Dialer One or AContacts from the marketplace.. Provide T9 dialer search of contacts, like on the BB, and are on my "can't live without" list of apps. I believe there are other profile apps available as well in the Marketplace. Apr 6, 3 0 5.