I also had to use lp to finish the second collection because he refused to get a bronze grater. Now I am waiting for him to get the remaining rolling pins, which he refuses to get. And after I get my chopping boards I will see if I truly can complete the cooking hobby in an hour when I have only one sim. I am also not a huge fan of the salsa dancing hobby anymore, since I keep getting the same medals ove and ove again although they are both on level 6. And just in case anyone was wondering, no I am not mexican.

My way of doing it is competing. BTW I look at your blog every day. Hi this is a question about the free LPs on the goals tap that you can get buy watching videos. Could this be a country-specific problem? At any rate this adds up fast over a weeks time and is very helpful, especially for a newbie me who keeps impulsively redecorating! The iPad 3 is more jerky than the iPad 4, no doubt due to processor differences.

Thanks so much, this is a really useful tip and works great for earning LP and helping to level up. What is the point in baking? Also why do some things go on fire? I think the symbols throughout the game confuse me most of all. Do you have a list of the, anywhere. What do you do with all the cooked food if you do the rapidly repeated cooking?

Then I saw your idea about earning extra LPS by working through the cooking hobby levels repeatedly, so I converted one house into a cooking house. Even added a couple of extra tables to hold the food that was on the floor. All the Sims will have to stand up to eat can Sims get indigestion? So do you switch back and forth between hobbies to take care of this problem?

Your blog is terrific. So thanks for the great tips and clear, concise information. Final question for now: Not usually much of a gamer at all, in fact. But life must go on! I just clean up as I go, when a sim has made the dish I select clean up but to save time I cancel the action when they bend down to pick it up and the plate will disappear.

Yes all your quests will still be available for you to do when you come back to the game. What should I cook when my sims already reaching level 5 but I still have 3 collections to complete the whole collections???? Thanks for your patience! Dee April 25, Reply. Lilly April 26, Reply. Audrey April 26, Reply. Abby May 30, Reply. My iPad wont do the free simoleons and LP. Keisha June 23, Reply. Aamar April 27, Reply. Where is the community centre ive searched everywhere but i cant find it!

Please help! Ivan April 30, Reply. It is located on the upper left corner of the town map. Amanda May 11, Reply. You have to reach a certain level to build the community centre! DanceAddict April 28, Reply. Llinjos April 28, Reply.

The Community Centre was known as the Sports Centre. Confused May 8, Reply.

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Thanks, SO grateful x. Jennie May 20, Reply. Katilyn May 22, Reply. No, I tried it. It just add or subtracts from your town value. Eliza June 27, Reply. U are a hero thank u so much for this idea. Its workin. May 1, Reply.

Money and speed things up for The Sims: FreePlay

What item???? Sarah Jayne May 19, Reply. Nadia May 25, Reply. What item do you have to delete? Carissa assirac May 5, Reply. DDD May 10, Reply. The Free Cheat Stopped working. This makes me sad!!! Misty May 10, Reply. Arianna May 14, Reply. Batman May 15, Reply. The store loads to quickly? Doug May 30, Reply. Ursala D. June 5, Reply. Shay May 15, Reply.

Sims Freeplay CHEAT 2018 - 100% WORKS - hack for +simoleons (IOS/ANDROID) (no modes/jailbreak)

Doglover May 16, Reply. Smigglegrl June 21, Reply. Because natrulyvivacious you have to have space above the stairs as well hope that helped. Nadya May 16, Reply. The coffin bed is not working in my iPhone. Sabrina June 3, Reply. Same thing happened on the iPad3. Were do l buy the firefighter pole from?

Rebecca May 18, Reply. Mysterious sim player May 19, Reply. These do not work on updated versions! Any more cheats anyone? Elizabeth May 19, Reply. Question May 21, Reply. How do you diconnect from Facebook on an iPhone. Ingrid May 22, Reply. If you have a iPhone and you have at least 8 NBR, the follow these steps… 1. While in a sims house, go to the home store and select social.

Fill up the entire inside of the house with the record player. It says 7 NBR at the top. Now fill the entire outside with the karate dummy, it has 8 NBR at the top.

The Sims FreePlay Cheats for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Now go to phone settings and either turn wifi off or turn airplane on. Now double tap the home button and close Free Play. Leigh Mileson July 7, Reply. Hello i just tried that but it did not work for me what am i doing wrong? Khizra May 23, Reply. Kat May 25, Reply.


Jen May 25, Reply. Natalie May 26, Reply.

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  • intex aqua sx apps download.
  • download gv phone for blackberry.
  • The Sims FreePlay Cheats for iPhone/iPad!
  • The Sims FreePlay Cheats, iPhone/iPad.

Julie May 26, Reply. None of my FaceBook friends play. How can I get neighbors? Lolalily May 26, Reply. Does anyone know how to buy a teleported when you have complete all the tasks. Pauline Richards May 27, Reply.

May 27, Reply. Merp May 27, Reply. Teegan May 27, Reply. Kayleigh May 28, Reply.


Hmm maybe some cheats that actually work? Angela May 29, Reply. Lulu May 30, Reply. Electronic Arts Genre: Simulation Virtual Release: Dec 13, ESRB: Not Set. July, This is a new time glitch as of July, ! As far as I know it only works for iOS devices. Step 1: For money, gardening would be good. Step 2: After checking, go back into the Sims FreePlay app.

‎The Sims™ FreePlay on the App Store

Step 3: Step 4: Change the date to October, November, December, or next year. Step 5: All tasks should be complete, but sometimes they are not. Just keep doing this process again and again! In no time, you should be rich! KittyCat36, Jul 10, Money Cheat. Money Glitch.